Is Bleaching Hair Bad For You?

If you’re looking for a new ‘do, you might be considering bleaching your flowing locks. But adding hydrogen peroxide to your head can actually do a lot of damage. In episode 14 of Speaking of Chemistry, Matt Davenport breaks down why going platinum blonde could be bad for your “head suit.”

If this episode leaves you wanting more, read the sources below. Speaking of Chemistry is a production of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly magazine of the American Chemical Society.

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3 comments on “Is Bleaching Hair Bad For You?
  1. J. A. Beck says:

    Why would anyone bleach (or color) their hair is the first question that comes to mind. I see the damage that’s done to hair by the constant exposure to those substances. Just look at the people who bleach and dye their hair. They think the fake colored frizz looks great! I believe it’s more a brainwashing by the fashionistas media then a true desire to change ones appearance.

    • Bruh says:

      Well first of all I bleached and dyed my hair and it’s not bad for your hair because your hairs already dead

  2. Anonymous pete says:

    It’s so stupid people don’t look cool it’s and your right J.A Beck

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