How to make electronic skin with Stanford’s Zhenan Bao—Speaking of Chemistry Road Trip

The Speaking of Chemistry California road trip continues as we scope out some cutting-edge, flexible electronics at Stanford University. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Stanford’s Zhenan Bao and her research team are developing electronics that could revolutionize wearables and prosthetics. In this episode, Matt Davenport and Noel Waghorn get a glimpse behind the scenes at Stanford and learn how Zhenan’s past at the historic Bell Labs is helping her create futuristic materials.

Artificial Skin Transmits Signals To Neurons | C&EN

Touch Sensors Power Themselves | C&EN

Self-Healing Plastic ‘Skin’ Points Way to New Prosthetics | Science

Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards: Zhenan Bao | C&EN

The list of allegations against Schön that we show is from:
The full report from Lucent can be found here:

And a quick note for anyone keeping score at home: Work at Bell Labs has earned a total of eight Nobel Prizes, shared amongst 14 Laureates, according to
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